What is a toggle clamp?

One-touch operation

Pressing tight by the power of being about 1000 times much as its weight, during reservation or keeping at work place like welding, assembling, inspecting, and press fitting.

■ Low budget compared with oil hydraulic or Pneumatics.

■ Easy to Install—-Just setting clamp by a bolt or welding, you can start using immediately.

■ One-touch operation after first adjustment!

Once you adjust the bolt length, you can fix it in one-touch.

■ As an inspection jig, it is most suitable for repetition work.

・Fix a clamp by a bolt or welding.

・Set a bolt to an arm and adjust the supporting surface and fix with a nut. (It is locked if there is feeling of click and entering.)

Even if it is subjected to external force, it prevents unfixing it by the power of a toggle.